We are so sorry to hear that your Bath Bomb is not fizzing! This could be due to extreme exposure conditions. If your bath bomb is exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight this may affect the consistency in the appearance of your Bath Bomb causing it to dry out or lose its coloring and even lose that fizz. This, however,  does not affect the CBD dosage. We recommend storing your Bath Bombs in a cool dry place, not in the bathroom, as the moisture from daily showering can affect the chemical makeup of the Bath Bombs, even when still in their packaging. 

Bath Bombs also may not fizz if your water is not hot. While it does not need to be scalding, the water should feel comfortably hot to the touch when you drop in your bath bomb. This is what activated the ingredients and allows for a strong fizzing effect and fast dissolving. You can also hold the bath bomb under the running water to help speed up the dissolving process.